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Zero Paper Initiative

The idea of Zero Paper Initiation is to create a workspace to eliminate or reduce the usage of paper. Corporate world says it as office of the future. In other words, you’ll spend less on paper and printing supplies. This initiation started to digitalize the system in the daily workflow. Going paperless saves a lot … Continue reading “Zero Paper Initiative”


Robotic Process Automation

Automation is not a new word, it has the roots from 1959, Arthur Samuel, the pioneer of AI. Thisis one of the first steps towards innovation which would eventually lead to the creation ofMachine Learning. Robotic Process Automation is major technological progress wherecompanies will benefit by having a resilient, scalable, and reliable approach to use … Continue reading “Robotic Process Automation”


Oracle Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM)

Oracle cloud application is a complete and modular set of enterprise applications. It has all enhancement fillers within the business for the customer include HCM, Finance, Procurement, and many more. In a modular set, a customer can opt only for the specific modules as per the company requirement. Oracle Fusion application is an integrated business … Continue reading “Oracle Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM)”